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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Slugs vs. Snails

This isn't really a post, just some random thoughts that I had pop up today (or the last few days):

1. I'm very sorry to anyone who stumbles onto this page hoping for porn.  I only realized that Rita Wanderlust sounds like a stage name after I already bought the domain.  There is no porn here.  Sorry.

2. I spend more time in mens' restrooms than any other girl I know.  See, I help out at my yoga studio and that involves spending some time in the men's restroom.  I'm sure there are plenty of girls that spend more time in mens' restrooms but I do not know them.

3. I wonder how long I could live off of nothing but berries.  I LOVE BERRIES!!!

4. Is there a difference between slugs and snails other than that a snail has a shell on it's back?

5. Jenny Lawson is my new hero.  She gets me and I feel appreciative in the knowledge that she is crazier than I am.  Yet I'm also jealous of the fact that she is crazier than I am.  I'm confusing myself.

6. All these posts on facebook about the northern lights in WA are making so miserable because I am so upset that I missed it!  My stupid habit of going to sleep early backfired on me.

7. When on the phone with a patient's daughter, and are told that her mother is in hospice, "okay, that's perfect" is not an appropriate response.

8. It's mother's day and I love my mom.
My mom and I at lunch...not
the best photo of me.