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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Meet the Snails: Teeny, Weeny, and Gary (who's shy)

This is Teeny saying hello.  He's the biggest snail...ironically.
Yes, the snails are real and they are named Teeny, Weeny and Patrick.  There are only two famous snails I know of, Teeny Weeny the racing snail from Never Ending Story and Gary from Spongebob.  I hate Spongebob.  Truly hate Spongebob.  Worst cartoon ever.  But I do like Gary.  I think he might be the best pet ever!  My Gary doesn't like cameras though so I wasn't able to get a picture of him.  Little brat.  However, I'll say this for snails: they are pretty damn boring!  I know most of you will be saying "what the hell did you expect?"  And I actually don't know what I was expecting but snails are kind of dull.  Cute.  But dull.  They did somehow start getting more interesting after I added a bowl of water.  Maybe they were just thirsty?

This is Daemon.  He's a bit camera shy apparently.
So here is what I have learned about snails: they poop...a lot.  And it's usually the color of whatever they have eaten (orange poop is weird).  They eat...a lot.  And they poop and eat from the same hole.  I'm really selling the idea of snails as pets right now aren't I?  On the plus side, they move so slowly that it's making it easy to practice with my new camera.  The camera was probably one of the more useless purchases I have made in a while.  Apparently, I don't have as much to take pictures of as I thought I did.  Taking pictures of snails, random pretty sunsets, my cat's nose is quite entertaining though.  But I think the cat disagrees.  Of course half the things I would like to take pictures of, I can't.  Like the baby birds at PAWS, or paddleboarding.  I told my friend that we need a land borne friend to take pictures of us out on the water.  Not that I really want to see how I look in a bathing suit trying to balance on a foam board, but it would be nice to have a memory.  I was told that I can get pictures of the baby bird nursery from the shelter itself.
More of Teeny. Clearly he's the photogenic snail.
 are the snail photos!  Aren't they cute?!  Just call me crazy snail lady.

And this is Weeny.  He looks like he's smiling in this one =)