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Monday, August 8, 2016

Rita's Favorites: Seattle Edition

Favorite Things To Do In Seattle
I've lived in Seattle (or the area) for the majority of my life. While that might make some people experts on the city, I am definitely no expert. I can, however, rattle off a handful of places that are a must least in my opinion. There are so many amazing places around here, and some are a hot spot for tourists while some are more hidden gems. Here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

1. The Great Wheel. Yes, it is pretty much a giant ferris wheel but don't call it that. The difference between the "great" wheel and a ferris wheel is that a ferris wheel has open baskets and the Great Wheel has enclosed baskets. And while this is a tourist hotspot, the views are pretty awesome.

Mardi Gras Masks2. Marcela's Creole Cookery. There used to be an amazing Cajun restaurant on Capitol Hill called Kingfish Cafe and it was my weakness. When they decided to shut down, it left a giant, gaping, spiceless hole. And then I found Marcela's. The shrimp and grits are scrumptious and their bread pudding has actual whiskey in the sauce (you can taste it!), and it's not some gelatinous blob with sugar but actual bread. Overall, totally worth it. Even though the service could use a little caffeine jolt.
Cooking Class
A cooking class at Marcela's.
Bill Speidel
Me getting ready to go ghost
3. The Seattle Underground Tour. They have the standard underground tour that you can take any time of day, the paranormal tour which you take at night and walk around trying to find ghosts with EMF readers and such, and you have the underworld tour where they tell you all the raunchy secrets of Seattle past. I've been on the regular tour and the paranormal tour and loved them both. I've had friends who took the underworld tour and were crazy about that one too. In case you didn't now, the Seattle of now, is built on top of the old Seattle which is, amazingly, still standing and available for tours!

4. The EMP (Experience Music Project). The building is one of the biggest eye sores and all of us Seattleites are a bit miffed by it, but if you are a music/pop culture fan, this place is the place to go.

5. Pacific Science Center Laser Dome. This is an absolute must. This might sound juvenile but there is something so fantastic about getting drunk and heading to a laser show (though I have a friend who would disagree since my drunken giggling ruined her first laser show for her. Sorry, M.). I've only seen the Pink Floyd show but they have Daft Punk, and others as well. Totally worth the price of admission.

6. Pike Place Market. This is kind of a given for anyone visiting Seattle. Pike Place Market is a mecca for fresh fruit, veggies, fish, honey, flowers, etc. They are famous for their fish throwing antics. It is a mad house on weekends, so I try to avoid it then, but it is really fun if you don't mind a big, slow-moving crowd.

7. Frye Art Museum. This one is more obscure for sure. It is a free museum in the First Hill neighborhood that has some more random collections. They have some amazing pieces there on occasion and hey, it's free. You can't complain at that price! I love it because it's small and much less crowded and pretentious than some of the larger museums. Don't get me wrong, I love the SAM but sometimes, I don't want to pay that much and sometimes, I don't want to be surrounded by that many people.

8. Salty's on Alki. There are a lot of mixed reviews on this one but I'm a solid proponent of the Salty's Brunch. Normally, Salty's is just a restaurant but on Saturday and Sunday mornings it is an all-you-can-eat buffet with an emphasis on seafood brunch. The oysters are shucked right there in front of you! Make your reservations early and check it out.

Any favorites that you'd like to share?  Don't be shy.

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